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Beyers T&P: (Revaro) HD96 ULTRA

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High performance machine with 96HP (70.6kW) engine and Carraro transmission, Revaro's range of Backhoe loaders offer international standards and great retur...
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Backhoe Loader

HD96 ULTRA product image
High performance machine with 96HP (70.6kW) engine and Carraro transmission, Revaro's range of Backhoe loaders offer international standards and great return on investment.

  • highest bucket breakout force in its class - Heavy weight champion 
  • 10 % More traction 
  • Comfortable Driving 
  • Tallest Dumping Backhoe loader
  • Multi loaders bucket options
  • Most Fuel efficient Backhoe
  • Extraordinary reliability
  • Scratch resistant painting
  • World class cabin
  • World's best parts
  • Low cost maintenance

The T-REX796 comes with CARRARO synchroshuttle transmission that provides superb drive power in all conditions. it consists of a 4-speed fully synchromesh gearbox with integral torque convertor and electrically operated forward & reversing shuttle.

The pedals layout and conventional 4 pattern gear lever with transmission disconnect switch adds to the overall ease of operation. On the move gear changes are possible.
Rear: Drive axle rigidly mounted, incorporates Max-trac torque proportioning differential, driven by short propshaft from gear box.
Front: Steer axle, centrally pivoted with oscillation angle ±16°.
Service: Hydraulically actuated, duel line, self adjusting, compensated oil immersed, multi-disc type on the rear axle, well protected from dirt, water etc., requiring no maintenance. Operation Through independent pedals linked together for normal use.
Two independently operatable foot pedals enable machine to maneuver in tight spaces.
Parking: Hand operated, oil immersed multi disc on the rear axle.
Full power, front wheel hydraulic power steering with manual capability in the event of engine or hydraulic power failure.
Hydraulic supply from pump via priority valve. Working pressure 1958 psi (135 bar)
180 Ampere-hour 12 volts battery system with alternator and full road lighting.
Front: 2WD: 9.00X16 - I6PR, 4WD: 12.5/80X18 -12PR
Rear: 2WD & 4WD :16.9X28 -12PR(STD INDUSTRIAL TYRE) : 14.00X25-20PR(HEAVY DUTY TYRE)
Turning Circle
Inner wheels bracked Inner wheels not bracked
A* Outside loader bucket 8.8 m A* Outside loader bucket 11.6 m
B Outside Wheels 6.3 m B Outside Wheels 8.9 m



Forward km/hr Reverse km/hr
Max: 40 hm/Hr Max: 40 hm/Hr


SMART technology hydraulics : 3335 PSI (230bar). Pump flow : 134 LPM at 2200RPM



9000 kgs with Standard GP Bucket Option
Service Capacities

Service Capacities

System Service
Hydraulic Tank 125L 100L
Fuel Tank 115/150L* -
Engine Coolant 17L 15L
Engine Oil 12L 12L
Transmission 19.5L 16L
Rear Axle 17L 17L
4WD Front Axle 8L 8L

Available Parts

  • Kirloskar Engines
  • Carraro Transmissions
  • Danfoss Brakes
  • Hydro Control Valves

  • AKG Radiator Coolers
  • Carrapa Pumps
  • Carraro Axles

Optional Extras & buckets

  • 6 in 1 Open Bucket
  • 14 Foot Ext. Bale
  • 14 foot HD HV Bucket
  • Bagasse Dozer
  • Backhoe Bucket
  • Trench Bucket
  • Grabbing Fork
  • Bale-grabber Bucket
  • Booster Bucket
  • Compact roller Bucket
  • Grabbing Fork Booster Bucket
  • HDHV
  • High Volume Grabbing Bucket
  • High Volume Grabbing Coir
  • Log Fork
  • Standard Bucket
  • Stone Bucket
  • Sugarcane Loader CE

Featured Specs

Excavator Performance

Standard Bucket Capacity:

Machine Specs



Excavator Performance
4.6 / 5.59 m
2.85 - 6.80 / 3.56 - 7.91 m
5.92 / 6.77 m
4.14 / 5.02 m
188 °
6531 / 3316 kg
1,400 kg
Loader Performance
(G.P.Shovel) 1.1
2.96 m
3.39 m
3.61 m
0.42-1.47 m
0.1 m
45 °
49 / 45 °
8793 / 5642 kg
2,000 kg
6.04 m
2.22 m
1.03 m
0.48 - 0.56 m
1.99 / 3 m
3.71 m
1.70 / 1.93 m
2.35 m
6.08 m
Machine Specs
96 HP
Kirloskar 4R 1040T1, Euro II diesel 71.6kW (96 HP) @ 2400 rpm
CARRARO Synchroshuttle transmission with integral torque converter
Power steering
12 V battery system
Front: 12.5/80x18 - 12PR - Rear: 14x25-20PR
3480 psi (240bar) Pump flow : 134 lpm @ 2200rpm
8,150 kg
40 km/h
71.6 kW


HD96 Cockpit
HD96 Cockpit

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